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Maintaining Inspiration


Never lag in
zeal and in earnest endeavor; be aglow and burning with the Spirit, serving the
Lord (Romans 12:11 AMP).

One of the
striking benefits of prevailing prayer and meditating on the Word is that they
help you maintain the fire of the Spirit. The only way I’ve kept my spirit
aglow for so many years is through prevailing prayer, and consciously setting
my mind to meditate on the Word. It doesn’t matter what you’ve studied or known
about God; it doesn’t even matter what blessings you receive from the Lord; if
you’re not a praying person, you’ll lose the spiritual fervour or glow that
comes with the Word.

something about the Word of God that has power. It’s not in the words and how
they sound; it’s not even in the message itself that it communicates; no. It’s
in the power of the Spirit that’s wrapped up in it. Recall what we read in our
opening verse: The Moffat’s translation uses the phrase, “Maintain the glow,”
for “fervent in Spirit.” There’s a glow of the Spirit in your life that you
must maintain through fellowship with the Lord in prayer and meditation on the

that meditation does for you is that it drives the Word deep into your spirit
and causes it to mingle with your spirit. So, when you study the Word of God,
meditate on it; that means, mutter it! When you read or hear the Word, as the
case maybe, say it aloud to yourself repeatedly so that it gains the ascendancy
in your spirit until it becomes a part of you. Then the glory of it will be
manifested in your life.

Prayer, on
the other hand, is equally very impactful on your spirit. The importance of
prayer isn’t so much about the answer that you receive when you pray, but the
impact your fellowship with the Lord in prayer has on your spirit; it causes
your spirit to glow. Every time you pray, your spirit becomes even more
glorious than it was before you began praying. That glory is retained in your
inner man and then you find yourself walking in the paths of destiny; you find
yourself being at the right place, at the right time, doing the right things.

Be aglow in
the Spirit, through prayer and study of the Word!

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