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Believe In Perfection


Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in
heaven is perfect (Matthew 5:48).

There’re many who don’t believe that perfection is possible.
When you try to talk to them about perfection, they don’t want to hear it. With
a sneer, they accuse you of being a “perfectionist,” because in their
erroneous belief, “nobody can be perfect.” Yet, when you study the
Word, there’s no place that suggests to us the impossibility of perfection. God
doesn’t give us a chance not to be perfect. Everything about Him calls for
perfection; He requires us to be perfect, not when we get to heaven, but here
and now—in the earth!

The reason most people don’t think perfection is possible,
which is why they’re not perfect, is that they don’t know what perfection is.
Perfection is like success, which can be measured at different stages of your
life, according to the set-out objectives, purpose, and goal. Perfection is
measured according to the light, instruction, or information that you have with
respect to the underlying objectives.

Our opening verse says, “Be ye therefore perfect, even
as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” The word
“perfect” here is the Greek “teleios,” which describes
perfection in your heart; a completeness; measuring your heart with the heart
of God. The way to do this is through the Word. Think, love and forgive as God
wants you to—let your heart be like the Father’s heart.

The word “perfect” is also used in 2 Corinthians
13:11; it says, “Finally, brethren, farewell. Be perfect….” This
time, another Greek word, “katartizo” is used for
“perfect.” It means to do things perfectly. This is not the
perfection in the heart (teleios) but of your actions: the things you do and
how you do them. The emphasis here is on doing things impeccably right the
first time. And the first step in achieving this is learning to pay attention
to details!

Believe in perfection and don’t be intimidated by it. Your
perfection will be judged according to the training and information that you’ve
received, not the one you didn’t get. So, practise being perfect; think and
talk perfection, because the Lord requires it of you.

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