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A Foretaste Of Supernatural Answers At The February 2020 Healing School Online Prayer Conference


The glorious news of the February edition of the Healing School Online Prayer Conference was spread abroad, creating eagerness and excitement in participants. “My expectations for the Prayer Conference is salvation for millions of souls and healing for the ones that are afflicted,” said Chinyere from Nigeria.
“I’m expecting supernatural healing all around the world, to the glory of God,” Eunice from Switzerland stated.
The 3-day destiny-altering program was beamed live from Lagos, Nigeria, to millions of online and on-site participants in various parts of the globe. Day after day, the epoch-making event was a most remarkable time of impartation, blessings, upliftment and glory.
Opening the epochal event was a warm welcome address by the Chief Executive Officer, Loveworld Inc., and Director of the Healing School, Pastor Deola Phillips. The program line up for each day featured thought-provoking talk show segments, special music renditions, and fervent prayer sessions – all designed for each attendee to experience the atmosphere of miracles, just as anticipated. The multiple award-winning Sinach and Eben, alongside with other Loveworld All-Stars; Farlon Lyte, Eniola, Ritasoul, De-Ola graced the event, ministering in songs of the Spirit that saturated the atmosphere with the power of God.

As the program unfolded, inspiring talk show segments highlighted the impact of the healing ministry of the man of God, Pastor Chris, the Healing School Online Prayer Conference, Healing School Sessions, testimonies of pasts students of the Healing School and testimonies of participants at previous editions of the Online Prayer Conference.
Giving a narration of his glorious healing, Chris Bridger, who was healed of fatty liver, said, “When the man of God ministered to me, I was slain under the power of the Holy Ghost and when I stood, I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that I was healed.” Another past student, Princess Charles, inspired the audience when she talked about her defining moment at the Healing School, where she was healed of autoimmune poly grandular syndrome. Each testimony re-enacted the Scripture in Proverbs 12:11, “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.” Glory to God!

Taking the event to higher dimensions of the Spirit were intercessory prayer sessions which activated the power of the God upon every heart desire. These were moments of transformational change for diverse circumstances and situations, and indeed, a time where power was made available for all those attending the Healing School Autumn Session. In these hours of prayer, words were released in faith and power, resulting in an overflow of miracles, transversing the earth and cutting through the barriers of time and distance.
The conference reached its acme, when the ministers began to pray over the requests that were sent in from all corners of the world. Instantaneously, miracles began to take place everywhere.

“I give all glory to God, for He has healed me of the back pain that took a toll on me due to kidney failure. The pain has stopped totally, and I’m free!” testified Helin from the United States. Ernest from Ghana happily shared, saying, “Thank you Pastor for this Online Prayer Conference. For some years, I’ve consistently felt pain and heaviness most times when I woke up, which usually caused a difficulty in me getting my day started. But after the prayer session on the requests led the esteemed Evang. (Dr.) Eddy Owase, I received my healing. I was able to sleep so well yesterday (Day 1 of the program) and I woke up strong with no pain or dizziness today. Indeed, the Word works!”
From the United Kingdom, Christine received healing from fibroids. She gave thanks to God for touching all aspects of her life.
More testimonies keep pouring in to tell of the indelible impact of the Healing School Online Prayer Conference in the lives of millions around the world. Praise God!

The Healing School Autumn Session with Pastor Chris in South Africa holds from 28th February – 12th April 2020. Be part of it by prayinggiving and inviting someone to attend.

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