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February 2021 “the Month of Grace”

🔊 Listen to Post “What the Lord is saying is that more grace is being released” — Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. The month of February is set...

Watch this creative miracle!

🔊 Listen to Post This can only be by the power of God! Watch this exciting testimony of young Jesse Aisida who suffered from double...

Healed of hydrocephalus – Ginikanwa’s inspiring testimony

🔊 Listen to Post Chinemerem Ginikanwa didn’t walk until she was 4 years old, in fact, she wasn’t expected to live longer than 20 years...

February Global Communion Service With Pastor Chris

🔊 Listen to Post Be transformed, renewed, and refreshed as you join Pastor Chris for the February global Communion Service in the year of Perfection. It’ll...

Beatrice Jumbo Is Healed Of Osteonecrosis

🔊 Listen to Post In 2012, Beatrice Jumbo was diagnosed with osteonecrosis. Because of this condition, her mobility was impaired. She underwent surgery to combat...

Your Loveworld Specials With Pastor Chris And Pastor Benny

🔊 Listen to Post 6 DAYS TO GO What God wants to give you in your life is not a healing, what God wants to...

Join Pastor Chris For The Global Prayer Hour

🔊 Listen to Post As directed by Our Man of God, Reverend Dr. Chris Oyahkilome Dsc.DD we are starting our global one-hour prayer today, Friday...

Roza Is Free From Liver And Colon Cancer

🔊 Listen to Post 52 year-old Roza developed pain in her stomach, battled with nauseous feelings after meals and experienced difficulty with sitting or standing...