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An Introduction to Semantic Video Analysis


The semantic analysis uses two distinct techniques to obtain information from text or corpus of data. The first technique refers to text classification, while the second relates to text extractor. Relationship extraction is a procedure used to determine the semantic relationship between words in a text. In semantic analysis, relationships include various entities, such as an individual’s name, place, company, designation, etc.

These reviews are of great importance as they are authentic and user-generated. Brands can use video sentiment analysis to extract high-value insights from video to strategically improve various areas such as products, marketing campaigns, and customer service. Semantic video analysis & content search uses machine learning and natural language processing to make media clips easy to query, discover and retrieve. It can also extract and classify relevant information from within videos themselves. Speech recognition, for example, has gotten very good and works almost flawlessly, but we still lack this kind of proficiency in natural language understanding. Your phone basically understands what you have said, but often can’t do anything with it because it doesn’t understand the meaning behind it.

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NLU solutions across industries, deriving insights from such unleveraged data will only add value to the enterprises. Cdiscount to focus on improving by studying consumer reviews and detecting their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the company’s products. Insights derived from data also help teams detect areas of improvement and make better decisions. For example, you might decide to create a strong knowledge base by identifying the most common customer inquiries. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title.

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This improves the depth, scope, and precision of possible content retrieval in the form of footage or video clips. Semantic video analysis & content search uses computational linguistics to help break down video content. Simply put, it uses language denotations to categorize different aspects of video content and then uses those classifications to make it easier to search and find high-value footage. For example, XGBoost is a high-performance and explainable algorithm, but on the other hand, it is quite complex and requires high computational power.

Text Exploratory Analysis

Brand like Uber can rely on such insights and act upon the most critical topics. For example, Service related Tweets carried the lowest percentage of positive Tweets and highest percentage of Negative ones. Uber can thus analyze such Tweets and act upon them to improve the service quality. Automatic Data Preparation normalizes input vectors to a unit length for Explicit Semantic Analysis . The output of ESA is a sparse attribute-concept matrix that contains the most important attribute-concept associations.

  • Uber uses semantic analysis to analyze users’ satisfaction or dissatisfaction levels via social listening.
  • The next step is to figure out how likely each tweet is to be positive or negative.
  • If the positive score exceeds the negative score, the tweet is considered positive; otherwise, it is considered negative.
  • With sentiment analysis we want to determine the attitude (i.e. the sentiment) of a speaker or writer with respect to a document, interaction or event.
  • Majority voting is used and in the proposed ensemble model, only those individual classifiers which provide an average accuracy of ≥70% are considered to constitute the BTE ensemble.
  • Speech recognition, for example, has gotten very good and works almost flawlessly, but we still lack this kind of proficiency in natural language understanding.

Hence, it is critical to identify which semantic analysis machine learning suits the word depending on its usage. The automated process of identifying in which sense is a word used according to its context. You understand that a customer is frustrated because a customer service agent is taking too long to respond. N-grams and hidden Markov models work by representing the term stream as a Markov chain where each term is derived from the few terms before it. We tried many vendors whose speed and accuracy were not as good as Repustate’s. Arabic text data is not easy to mine for insight, but with Repustate we have found a technology partner who is a true expert in the field.

Model Building

Current research provides critical insights into building a generic expert system for sentiment analysis extendable to all social media platforms that can be beneficial across industries. In Inter-model performance assessment, we compare the efficacy of the proposed model with existing state-of-the-art systems that have used similar datasets. On dataset D1, previous studies have used several advanced machine learning models for sentiment classification. We compared our findings with four recent research related to sentiment analysis and compared their accuracy. Table 12 compares the existing studies with our strategy for sentiment analysis. It is seen that the word embeddings like Sentiment-Specific Word Embedding model , and Transformer-encoder models like BERT, RoBERTa, BERTweet return the best accuracy as seen from the results published (Barreto et al., 2021).

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As illustrated, Twitter review datasets are used that contain either two, three or five class polarity and different emotions. After pre-processing, it is observed that many words have no significance towards the sentiment contribution and hence can be removed. However, the use of conventional word2vec will embed even those words which don’t have any significance towards sentiment.


Tokenization is achieved by separating the words in a sentence using spaces or punctuation marks. This process helps to make the text more structured, which makes it easier for machine learning models to understand and analyze the data. If you’re interested in using some of these techniques with Python, take a look at theJupyter Notebookabout Python’s natural language toolkit that I created. You can also check out my blog post about building neural networks with Keraswhere I train a neural network to perform sentiment analysis.


It is a complex system, although little children can learn it pretty quickly. Qualtrics Alternative Explore the list of features that QuestionPro has compared to Qualtrics and learn how you can get more, for less. Google’s Hummingbird algorithm, made in 2013, makes search results more relevant by looking at what people are looking for. Because of what a sentence means, you might think this sounds like something out of science fiction. Created by the industry, for the industry, as a non-profit volunteer based organization, designed to inspire, educate and promote the technology and practice of audio, by bringing leading people and ideas together.


This is often accomplished by locating and extracting the key ideas and connections found in the text utilizing algorithms and AI approaches. Govindarajan M. Sentiment analysis of movie reviews using hybrid method of naive Bayes and genetic algorithm. Performance comparison of proposed system with state-of-the-art system on dataset D6 .


In this sense, just will implement it to show you how to do so in case it’s of your interest and also give you an overview about how it works. Basic parameters for Neural Networks’ configuration and training — Image by author.When compiling the model, I’m using RMSprop optimizer with its default learning rate but actually this is up to every developer. As loss function, I use categorical_crossentropy that is typically used when you’re dealing with multiclass classification tasks.

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